Touratech QV

Touratech QV 4.0

The complete Solution for Navigation, Route Planning and Remote Tracking
4.0.133 (See all)
Thomas Flemming, Touratech AG

The ultimate GPS and Tour Planing Software for:

Optimal orientation and planning:
- Data organisation in a profeesional database
- Sophisticated track editing and analysis
- Comfortable generation and editing of routes and waypoints
- Complex search queries which can also be stored

Periphery and map export:
- Compatible with many GPS devices of leading brands
- Raster map export to Garmin® Colorado, Oregon, Dakota, GPSMAP 62 and 78.
- Raster map export to Aventura / Spotiva TwoNav® and other TwoNav® platforms
- Raster map export to PDAs and smartphones with Pathaway® software
- Raster map export to Ape@Map® for use with Symbian® smartphones
NEW - 3D map display:
- Using digital elevation models (DEMs), any Touratech QV-compatible map can be displayed in real 3D. Alternatively a 2D map view is available.
- Various DEMs with different resolution and accuracies are available. Worldwide SRTM30 elevation data are included.
- Routes, Tracks and waypoints can be planned in a real 3D environment which will give you a much more realistic impression.
- Through the digital elevation models, elevation isolines can be plotted as overlay in maps without altitude information. You can also highlight different altitude and slope classes in any map.
- A display of the true position of stars and star constellations is possible which accounts for the location on the globe, date and time of the day.

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